Experience Our Awana Club Program in Tiffin, OH

Awana program in Tiffin

Awana Club in Tiffin, OH

We are excited here at United Baptist Church to be the only church in Tiffin to offer the AWANA clubs program. AWANA is a high energy, global children’s ministry dedicated to reaching kids and changing the world. United Baptist Church hosts a thriving AWANA program every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:00. Our children sing, play and learn a dynamic lesson. AWANA encourages children and their parents to learn and memorize God’s Word and live in a way that glorifies God.

Twice a year the children have an opportunity to spend “AWANA bucks” at the “AWANA store” and buy toys with the bucks they have earned throughout the year. Also, we host an AWANA derby race where children can get a trophy for their AWANA box car!!

AWANA is divided into age groups (or clubs). The clubs are: Cubbies (ages 3-5), Sparks (K-2nd grade) and TNT (3rd-5th grade).

Our AWANA Commander is Christian Felty.

We hope you choose to check out the AWANA ministry! Your children will have a great time! Please check be sure to check out the Awana schedule shown on our Events page.

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