Join Students United, Our Student Ministry and Church Program in Tiffin, OH

Tiffin Student Ministry - Students United

Student Ministry in Tiffin

The goal of Students United is to reach students in Tiffin and Seneca County for the sake of the gospel. We want our students to be able to worship passionately, genuinely love one another, and to grow in their own personal relationship with Christ.

Our church's vision statement is Love God, Love Others. When our students come to church for worship—whether on Sunday, Wednesday, or anytime that we meet, we want the focus of our time to be gospel centered so that God is glorified. We also do not take ourselves too seriously and try to laugh and have a good time as much as possible! We understand that there are many pressures that students face each day. We want to love and disciple each one because we believe God has mighty things in store for each of their lives!

We hope you will come visit Students United right here in Tiffin, OH! Please check be sure to check out the student ministry schedule on our Events page.

Come worship with us!
Sunday School  -   9:30 am
Sunday Service - 10:30 am
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